Speaker Todd Storch

Co-Founder of Taylor’s Gift Foundation

Todd Storch is husband to Tara and an involved dad who enjoys spending time with his kids. His passionate goal in life is to one day see Taylor in heaven and give her the biggest bear hug ever. In 2010, following the loss of his daughter Taylor, Todd left a successful career in media consulting to pursue his God-given passion to promote organ donation and help others. As co-founder and President of Taylor’s Gift Foundation, Todd works to share the importance of organ donation as he works tirelessly to ensure smooth operations of the foundation. Todd is active in his local community and church. He holds an Accounting degree form Texas A&M University.

Actively speaking to thousands across the country, audiences laugh and cry as he shares his story of faith through grief. Todd works to motivate listeners to embrace the ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit and share the beauty of being an organ donor.

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